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Working with four fundamental architectural situations – Compression, Position, Proximity & Enclosure – this project intends to personalize and amplify one’s experience with their environment through the aid of interactive technology. The individual’s influence over space, either intentional or accidental, is achieved by capturing one’s movement through various mapping interfaces, which filter sensor-based information and transfer it to an architectural surface or enclosure. Each interface is provoked by movements of the individual, creating distinct visual textures and expressing a pivotal engagement with the environment. Although originally proposed for the Venice Architecture Biennale, the project was ultimately realized in Chicago. The site is a vast 17,000 square foot garage done in conjunction with The Seldoms, a contemporary dance company. In addition to the four architectural installations, an existing cargo container is utilized as well as found bleached stones that are fashioned into a performance landscape. The choreography moves sequentially through the installations, performing with and responding to each piece. Audience members follow the performers through the space and interact with the pieces as well. Choreography by Carrie Hanson, Artistic Director of The Seldoms. Media Design by Peter Gogarty. Lighting Design by Julie Ballard.

Project Details

Design Date
Project Area
17,000 sf vacant garage
Fabricated by Vertu
Photography by
Anthony Robert La Penna; Joel Huffman
Materials: Plywood, Fabric