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Monument is a temporary installation for a contemporary dance performance by The Seldoms located in the Ruth Page Theater of Chicago. The choreographic theme for the piece concerns ideas of personal consumption and waste, inspired by the Fresh Kills Landfill outside of New York City. This landfill at its peak capacity stood taller than New York’s more well known monument, The Statue of Liberty. The landfill – an accidental social sculpture – looms large in Monument, a physical culmination of desire and expenditure. The task was to simply create a video projection surface, however our solution was to create a kinetic sculpture reminiscent of a topography. The 16′ wide x 28′ long piece (in its horizontal position) is placed to span over a 30″ tall ledge at the proscenium, uniting both upper and lower stages. In Position One, the form is relatively quiet and unassuming. As the performance progresses, the sculpture begins to slowly heave from its restive state. As it reaches Position Two, the primary video is projected onto its mid-section which is precariously off vertical. Finally the sculpture reaches Position Three, its fulfillment of a topography transformed into a monument whose scale dominates the performers. Materials include inherently fire retardant fabric, fire retardant plywood frames, black nylon rope and four hand wenches located in the wings.  Choreography by Carrie Hanson, Artistic Director of The Seldoms.

Project Details

Design Date
Fabricated by Vertu
Photography by
William Frederking; Nathan Kirkman.
Materials: Plywood, Fabric